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Whether you want to create your first candle, or if you are looking for a new candlemaking supplier, you've come to the right place! We offer candlemaking information and tutorials that will guide you through making your first candle supplies purchase - all the the way to actually creating your first candle from scratch. We've even included comprehensive supplier listings that are conveniently organized so you can find just the right supplier.

You can search for a candlemaking supplier you've heard about by viewing our Candlemaking Suppliers (Alphabetical Listing) or if you need soapmaking supplies, then you can check out Soapmaking Suppliers (Alphabetical Listing).

If you're looking for fragrance oils that work well in soy wax, then our Scents for Soy supplier listing should be very helpful to you. All the candlemaking suppliers listed on our Scents for Soy page either create their fragrance oils specifically for soy, or they perform extensive testing to make sure the oils are nice and strong in soy wax.

The Candlemaking Suppliers by State directory lists each candlemaking supplier organized and categorized by state while the Soapmaking Suppliers by State lists each soapmaking supplier, organized by state. So you should be able to easily find a supplier closest to you to save on shipping costs.

The Candlemaking Wax Suppliers directory lists many of the most popular brands of candle wax including paraffin, soy, vegetable, beeswax, and gel waxes along with the location of each supplier.

If you're just starting out on your search for candlemaking information, then you'll find that our Candlemaking 101 - The Basics to be a wonderful candlemaking reference page for beginners. This information provided should help you research candlemaking and assist you with making your first candle supplies purchase so you can create your first candle.

For some advanced candlemaking shortcuts and tips, you'll want to check out Candlemaking - Tips and Tricks.

Finally, if you're ready to create your first candle, you'll want to try our Candlemaking Tutorial - Create a Container Candle which offers step-by-step instructions for creating a double wicked candle.

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